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When the weather turns up the heat, ensure you're ready! Let the expert team from Kannan & Pricone Plumbing & Heating Inc. take a look at your air conditioning before you have to put it to the test!


Schedule your air conditioning maintenance and repair service today.  Count on over 35 years of experience to make sure you don't have to "sweat out" the summer!

Make your indoors comfortable year-round

Keep your cool all summer long

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Don't wait until the heat starts breaking records to have your air conditioner unit serviced. Get ready for any season by calling Kannan & Pricone Plumbing & Heating Inc. right away! Fully licensed and insured, you can trust our team will ensure you're prepared for any temperature! Find the help you need today!

  • Rooftop units

  • AC maintenance and repair

  • Complete installation service

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